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2012-05-25 04:24 pm
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2012-01-12 06:20 pm
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meme of fun

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

"He hadn't eaten since breakfast."

Now I take this as my non-sex life will stay that way, though on second thought, maybe not.

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2012-01-04 06:50 pm



Feel sick.  Not a happy camper again.
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2012-01-03 10:03 pm
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Do you hear those trumpets?

Yes that wild, crazy woman dancing around is me.  My sister just told me, I have earned my keep today.  LOL!

Not long ago, Samiam's husband bought a used printer.  Well they are running out of ink.  They had been trying to figure out how to get to the cartridges.  So Samiam just asked me to look at it and see if I could figure it out.  I was in there less then 2 minutes and got it.

I didn't even get a cookie either.

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2011-12-21 10:41 pm

I'm still here

Not that it means much.
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2011-04-09 04:14 pm

It's Saturday and here I am bothering you all

I'm drinking a Smith and Kerns.  I'm cross stitching. I'm watching the Kennedy's mini series on the Reelz channel and it's me and the cat's alone.
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2011-04-06 04:20 pm

First post

This is my post over here. 

I just want to say, my name is Vulcan.  It's from a friend in Australia, she knew I was a big Pepsi drinking.  She use to call me, Pepsi Junkie.  One point she shorted it to PeeJu.  I was looking at it and said I just found my Vulcan name.

If this doesn't scare you, then nothing will.